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About Pak Hope


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Chairman Message

Pak HOPE (Helping Organization for Poor Entities) is a Nonprofit/Non Governmental Organization.
Its our privilege and distinct honor to extend our heart-felt gratitude to all those who have generously contributed for the noble cause of conducting eye camps, construction of AL BASEER HOSPITAL under the banner of Pak HOPE.
Your generous support enables us to serve the ailing humanity & continuation of your support is our confidence to move towards our destination. We feel indebted for the confidence reposed & we envision a hospital with state-of-the-art facilities accessible for the destitute who otherwise could hardly afford it (In Sha Allah). It will provide excellent healthcare facilities treating deserving patients in rural and backward areas with ophthalmology and gynecology problems.
The ultimate goal of Pak HOPE is to bring a difference in the life of visually impaired & strive for sight preservation among the least privileged population of our region. The best use of your charity is to help the visually impaired, towards living a sighted-life. We highly value your commitment to help fighting against blindness in Pakistan. We seek your continued patronage transforming the quality of life of our deserving patients through bringing cutting-edge eye technology at Al Baseer Hospital where you pledges can be more precious than your imagination.

Our Objectives

Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to help poor entities.

No one should suffer in silence or feel isolated

Building self-confidence

Prevention and cure of Blindness

Our Mission is Vision

  •  Provide latest medical and education facilities to the public of Pakistan.
  • Build a General hospital especially for eye disease.
  • Conduct seminars for the awareness of good health and education.
  • Provide free health and education facilities to poor entities.
  • Conduct medical camps for general public.
  • To achieve the dream of educated Pakistan.
  • Provide aid during natural disaster and incidents.
  • Establish blood bank.